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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who am I?

Something I wrote long back..
Pasting it here, sticking to my existential agenda

Who am I?
Trepidation saturates, no rationale why,
On qualm grounds, never found a purpose for I,
Restless echoes, desperate in an unforeseen plea,
Untaught among mystics, slaved to imagination,
Diffident to warm affection, embracing the hushed frost,
Refrained I ask this fanatic lie,
Who am I?
All my senses high,
Fresh Desires, yearning to fly,
In creation's obscurity I cry,
Who am I?
Comfort withers, soaked in malicious sacrilege,
In living epics, my conviction in no golden page,
Haunting tunes, astray in a nonchalant rage,
Undead among hopes, living in this concluding cage.
Starved, echoing the query of mine,
Who am I?
My entire wisdom try,
Pledged wished, crisis stanch to untie,
In faith's anarchy I stray,
Who am I?
Since spawn desires ablaze,
Belief's Outlandish, life perplex,
Who am I?
Too tired to lie,
Too tired to die,
Too tired to try,
Who am I?
To you I pray,
Tell me where I Stray,
Tell me where I lay,
Tell me why?
Who am I?


alister said...

....."VIDEV THE GREAT"....

Anu said...

Feels so good to read ur stuff after AGES!!
Rock on Vidzzku;p