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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Dust Speck

Four black frames. One boy six words.

Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest.

They say Alan Moore’s Epic “ Watchmen” is The Greatest Comic and one of the most profound, deep and philosophical piece of literature. I say all that is the masterpiece above.

A city’s greatest curse is the missing stars. The heavenly pool of immense wonder and euphoric splendour. We don’t see it. I used to spend some of my nights in college laying on the dirty floor of my terrace, sometimes “high”, gazing into the open starry skies. A whole cauldron of possibilities starts to bubble in my brain. Sometimes I used to be space traveller hovering from star to star, skimming the velvet space between the stars. Sometimes I am on the Star Ship Enterprise, and sometimes I am Mr Mulder being abducted But most of the days it used to be one single question that echoed in my upstairs. “Am I significant?”

I gaze at the stars wondering if there was anyone out there, looking up into their skies and looking directly at our earth, at me and wondering the same thing. It could be possible.

We, humans, with our extended arrogance and boundless self importance can never ever be significant. Millions of multiverses, billions of galaxies in them, and again gazillions of stars in them. We are nothing but a dust speck on a dust speck on another dust speck on a dust speck on another dust speck among billions of other dust specs.

How I wish I could just pop my head out the window stare at the stars. Damn the cruel damages of development and cities.

Every little moment we live on this messed up planet, we are in the shadows and lights of a billion mysteries hovering around us. Every single particle linking and bounding to form a human being, every particle that forms a thought to make me write this, the same particles that react and act making you read this, is also a cog in this whole system that we can never comprehend in our life time. But we move on, with the sneering contentment of a lion that eats a baby rabbit. We just live, survive. Walking paths everyone else walks, polishing thoughts everyone has, decaying from birth to death, our bodies and minds slowing poisoned.

I always hope I wont be one of them, Decaying, slowly poisoned. I want stare at the heavens and realise one day that amidst the infinite expanse of space, I am alive, living a life of empathic contentment. I hope I would realise that I am a dust speck that has realised that I am the dust speck that is a part of this immense spectacle of creation.

I always love to gaze up at the stars. Every time I do that, I fall sleep curl under this vast existential fantasy, with wet eyes. Those never are the tears of joy, depression anger or fear, but of overwhelming sense of beauty, of admiration, of immense satisfaction, of immense significance.


alister said...

Good one buddy... :))

Anu said...

was at the beach last nite and I did manage to lie down and watch the stars.just for a few minutes,but wow!!!I agree agree - every line of ur blog!!!!

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relativitygeek said...

Dust speck we are!!!