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Friday, January 22, 2016


That dreamy absence you nourish,
Drumming life on haunted Thunder clouds,
Defying their spite and hued anguish,
Dreaming enchanted vistas under shrouds.

Now you crave the midnight's bloom,
For you lust for mesmerized mornings,
Now you long for lies bright abloom,
For you desire my compromised yearnings.

You can hum songs that bewitch my dreams,
You can paint dreams that seduce my hopes,
You can hope for miracles that livens my life,
You can live a life that soothes my eroded soul.
as your silence expands to the blue heavens
as your odes tapestry my barren gardens
as your passion dances over my existence..

I will be right here, chilling out!! :-P


Anu said...

really??thats how you finish the poem?

Anu said...

really??thats how you finish the poem?

Videv said...

hihi.... i am being a realist