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Friday, October 10, 2014

Arriving At Anarchy

"For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. "
- Stephen Hawking , Featured in the Pink Floyd Album " The Division bell" ( Not their Last album!!!!!!)

It all started when our early ancestors on the evolutionary time line, turned their heads up,supported by their cool new versatile necks, looked up at the stars in the wonder of the night sky. Patterns emerged, the celestial cycles revealed itself. Man realized that there was order in creation. With an improved and upgraded brain, mankind gazed into the starry yonder and decided to to level up from wandering bipedal creatures to a civilization that could touch those shiny scintillating spots in the sky. An idea was born. An idea that took mankind through moments of greatness and moments of misery. The idea of governance.

Skimming through the forgotten pages of legends and myths, we would graze upon on wondrous tales of nations and empires that put gods' heavens to shame. Believing them is whim, worshiping could be a mistake, but being inspired by them is a Choice. A Choice which most of us have decided to leave it to Authority. Thinking has turned into a excruciating function of life for the humans of our generation. The greatest loss for mankind was the precious decision of governance. The choice they decidedly sacrificed to suckle on the comfort of being a blissful idiot.

Now the point of all this blabbering is not about choosing to chose, but what to choose? How to choose? Why to Choose?

How to choose ?, is a very easy question. Experience, observation, deduction, experimentation, all technically called science. A tiny though experiment for the imaginative; If an alien ,with human like intelligence but drastically different understanding of sentient life, happen to pass by our blue planet. They main purpose of this purely exploratory mission is to look for intelligent life in the cosmos. They might not look for life supporting conditions, or DNA, of traces of unnatural motion etc. The easier way would be look for civilizations. This would be easy to find. Just have to look for thriving life forms, organized enough to built unnatural structures, that support their habitats and other survival mechanisms. They should probably be farming their food, domesticating other lifeforms. Internal conflicts are minimal, Their primary enemy is other life forms, evolved to be their predators in the ecosystem, in which this civilization's impact is perfect harmony. The aliens would easily find this sort of civilization forming life form on our planet. They would soon try o make contact with the extremely small creatures we humans refer to as ants. Ants built monumental hills, that rival any architectural creation of men. They have well developed societies, where governance is a mere matter of organization according to the skills and abilities provided to them. They farm and harvest food, they domestic smaller creatures. The Aliens were  successful in their mission.

Well, forgetting the aliens, the ant colony could be a wonderful example of anarchism. The common misconception of Anarchism is society without rules. Anarchism just means without rulers. The decision to govern themselves without the need of a rulers or government is human destiny, which they have been dodging too much. We have been fooling ourselves into thinking we are a unique species with unique needs and a greater importance to the grand scheme of things. Conditioning from the moment we were conceived has not been helping us at all. The glories of democracy, the righteous superiority and intellectual divinity of democracy has been etched into our psyche from a very long time now. Demonizing every other form of governance and social order before we had consecrated democracy into our society. The omnipotent presence of money or currency paved a easy way for our imaginations to get busy working over time to find means and methods to support and reinforce this anti-climatic marriage of money and democracy.Our creativity and intelligence was stunned into believing that progress and development means more of everything, building monstrous, sleek and shiny structures to support a species slaved to the concept that unfortunately slipped away, out of their imagination, born out of desperation and greed. We left all the important decisions we need to make as a species to a select group of elites. Do you know the problem this presents logically? A real complete decision cannot be made until and unless all the accumulated information is made available to the select group, and the select group is composed of individuals that can assimilate these information and are competent enough to comprehend them from every perspective. They should have the required intelligence and decision making skills to come up with any solution.

In the animal kingdom, every tribe, or herd or etc will have a leader. A leader who have proven his skills in real life scenarios, who has taken the position with inherently superior DNA and acquired skills. His or she would have gained this position by actually leading , and not by commanding. His position is often challenged and contested for. If another is proven superior, the social position of the leader is relinquished for the superior. Here the leaders function is not to make the rules. He abides by the same rules the tribe follows. His value and contribution is no way superior to any other of the tribe. He plays a part because he is best suited for it. I believe this is also anarchism.

Another wonderful example for anarchism would be pirates. Yeah!!!! poor Example you think.. But hear me out. Of course, I am talking about the "shiver me timbers!" one legged, mascara wearing, ears pierced, "Who gives a shit" smirking Pirates!!!! A pirate ship was a society in a thundering vessel. They experienced freedom and decided that they cant be under any government or rulers. Rules does not need rulers. Responsibility is everyone's obligation, one of the evolutionary mechanisms that came along with intelligence. The 'Pirates code' was a morally binding source of those successful era of piracy. They were outlaws, criminals, murderers and thieves. The government never bothered what happened between them, They just hunt them down. The pirates social justice system, that  was mutually beneficial for their survival and success. Strict , mutually beneficial rules were followed for everything from the share fo their loot to the punishment for inter-pirate theft. A crew required to run and pilot a ship through the vast oceans requires a great sophisticated system of mutual cooperation and social rules. Their systems were entire voluntary, something mutually agreed and decided on before departure from port. Everything was decided, including wages and even compensation in the case of injury or death. This enabled them to be on the top list of powerful and successful criminal enterprises in accessible recorded history.

Now leaving far behind the far out analogies of successful anarchic society, Lets talk about a very recent and astonishingly successful anarchic enterprise. I love the internet. The freedom it provides. Any IP connecting to it peers, following a simple set of rules, the TCP/IP. The vast expanse, the unending frontiers of possibility and providence. The adventures, the mistakes, the horrors. When people believed mankind is inherently selfish and greedy, my generation created a communication network that encompasses the assimilated knowledge of recorded existence. How cool is that?!! A place without authority, without government rules, no managers, no rulers, where people share consistently, exponentially growing sophisticated mechanisms of survival and community. Threats arise, mankind's evil challenges, but so does the freedom for any of the  capable to retaliate defend what is built. An evolution that reincarnated the open source philosophy. This is anarchism in its ultimate successful example.

Anarchism is more than a socio political strategy. Its more personal and pragmatic than that. Its a choice of a lifestyle that encompasses philosophy, political ideology and a holistic obligation to the human race. Mutual responsibility, cooperation and creativity is the history of human survival. We are evolved enough to recognize and realize human needs and justice. Organized moral righteousness and obfuscating governments and organized parental authorities are a burden and parasitic to human progress and actualization. Our intelligence has been the guiding factor for the magnificence of our civilization, our intelligence is the boon of billions of years of existence. Lets start realizing it.

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