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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Creation's Daughter

All my life, she dreams,
Of lost rhymes in the blue black yonder,
Humming, strumming on sun beams!
From a cloud's shore, she plants jewels
All across my ball of wonder!

Of my existence, untaught,
But of my silence, she sings,
Never was it she I sought!
In lost dreams, on fantasy's wings,
All across my ball of wonder!

Stretching this ball of wonder,
Her twinkling smile, dotting my skies,
Doted on, creation's daughter!
She sells wonder, planting love,
All across my ball of wonder!

All my life, she moons,
Of dreams, streaming from my eyes,
Gazing, intoxicated in eternal awe!
Far from my being, she plants dreams,
All across this ball of wonder!

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