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Monday, November 8, 2010



Lots of people asks what does it feel like to be stoned. How do we know that you are really stoned. Everyone has read the effects and don't really understand So I took it upon myself and combed the Internet to find out( of course, how else?). Here are few of the situations to decide you ares Stoned.

  1. It takes about fifteen minutes to open the candy wrapper.
  2. You finally decide to tear the wrapper with your mouth.
  3. You can hear your neighbor close his windows.
  4. You lost your lighter on the couch.
  5. You get annoyed by your buddy scratching his forehead.
  6. You can't figure out why you are laughing.
  7. Details in your story are spot on, but you forget what you were talking about.
  8. You talk to the batman poster and hear him talking back to you.
  9. You finally pop the candy into your mouth.
  10. You realize the song you are listening to, ended five minutes back.
  11. You feel like Frodo on an epic journey each time you take a trip to the kitchen.
  12. You forget what you were watching during the commercial break.
  13. You find your lost lighter in your pocket.
  14. You think everyone knows you are stoned.
  15. You check if your doors are locked for the hundredth time.
  16. You decide to take a walk soon after.
  17. You keep returning to your home to check for switched on lights or faucets.
  18. You again return to make sure you took the keys, wallet, mobile phone.
  19. You return back to keep some money back so you wont spent it all or get mugged.
  20. You lose your lighter again.
  21. You figure you are not alone in the universe by staring at the dots in the ceiling.
  22. You figure out who killed JFK.
  23. You decide to learn how to make clocks.
  24. You enjoy not being able to move.
  25. You get distracted by the hook in the ceiling.
  26. You light a cigarette in the wrong way.
  27. You realize that the titles of a movie are just awesome.
  28. You finally manage to see all the end credits of a movie.
  29. You always have some deep intelligent thing to say even if it is not relevant.
  30. You wonder why Pink Floyd has a 'Pink' in it.
  31. You light your lighter with a cigarette.
  32. You rediscover fire.
  33. You find your lighter.
  34. You realize mallu songs are actually awesome.
  35. You why all your fav pop songs from childhood actually suck.
  36. You only remember opening one candy wrapper but find yourself surrounded in lots of wrappers.
  37. You realize not all of them are empty.
  38. You wonder about life .
  39. You feel the earth revolving and moving through infinite space.
  40. You think about writing down your thoughts, but realize that each word you write has more deep and philosophical meaning behind it. You give up.

    I guess there is more and its going to be a long list. If you know of similar points please do tell, so I can append the list.

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