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Friday, October 8, 2010

The End.

The stench of civilization fills my tender nostrils. The dark filth sedimenting over a thousand sins cajole my dark tiny body, trying to putrefy its way into my soul. The sea had disowned this river ages ago, on the bubbling boiling froth that eroded through humanities' morality I lay awake and crying. I am born.

Tall vistas of arrogance and depravity burn my eyes, my feet shreds and burns as I run in this yonder of ignorance.. Drunk on the vestiges of other's blood and sweat, the political god men rule my lands. This is my childhood. I am not happy.

The bright burning lights, epitomizing their fraudulent magnanimity, singe away all traces of reality. The new egoistic gods churn a carnal bog of diseased hopes and stagnant logic to drink the nectar of corporeal divinity. My hand burns, the flames melt away any doubts of redemption. This is where I begin, where you end.

My fiery hands rips the stitches of these social constructs. I feel the pain of a million woes, intoxicate my veins. Euphoric spasms of destructive delight pushes me forward. The earth moans, the oceans weep and the blinding dark winds fuel my karma. This is where time ends. I am the end I am Kalki.

--A small Kalki intro, from a fan for all the hopefully cool "Kalki" comic/other projects out there.

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Anonymous said...

Are you a comic book writer,from india?