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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Statistical Conundrum

Statistics is something I hate. I don't undervalue its importance but I hate the fact that everything around me can be statistically put in chart and bars and pies, From sales to fast food tastes, from TV channel ratings to divorce rates, from harry potter fans to poverty. Some how the corporate world has managed to filter everything in statistics. Its alright. Its a good way to put perspective on things. do things scientifically, we have equations and rules which will finally produce fruitful results. I believe not everything can be quantified, A romantic starry eyed girl would say love cant be quantified, I would also add emotions, likes dislikes, imagination , why I like Hardees better that Mcdonalds, Why a mallu who can survive with out his 4 o' clock chai but  will claim cappuccino as his favorite beverage. Wont this effect the factual value of beverage statistics.  I always think the experts conspire and give us superficial perspective of the pie chart. Anyway my disapproval doesn't bother anyone except me. So I thought I will apply their strategies to more interesting and controversial claims, so it will bother more people.

In the year 2006, 6000 students took their own life in India. They say that the numbers have increased in the following years and recently a bunch of experts are going to study this issue. The reason is exams, social pressure all relating to education and social pressure. I can empathize with these poor kids. The extreme competition and fierce expectations and most importantly the pointless cramming and unimaginative study material can make you want to kill yourself. Coming back to my point, the reason for these deaths are unquestionably our haphazard educational policy and of course the social stigma associated with anything below 80% on your report card. So statistically we have the cause and effect which none of the experts refute. Some where I read there are like 100 suicides per day. Serious rite.

(if you want proof or don't believe me,you can get the sources for my claims from these links
there is more... just Google)

Now lets get into another set of figures and graphed facts. Here goes 

In India 
Fatalities due to terrorist acts from 2000 to 2006 :899
Injuries due to terrorist acts from 2000 2006: 2,180

People who died instantly in Bhopal on 2-3 Dec 1984 from the Union Carbide gas leak: 1,700 . Even now we have enough scandals and sensational news coverage on this.

In the 2008 Mumbai attacks the deaths were 166 and injuries where 293. The most heinous attack and sige on the country by few brainwashed kids with no proper education took 166 lives.

H1n1 Moralities in India in 2009 is 1302. yes the global epidemic of 2009, who is lifting its head recently in India took 1302 lives in India. Everyone was fanatical, wearing masks, the tv reporters screaming government incompetence and people washing their hands every other minute, the sales records of dettol and lifebuoy was a all time high.

I tried to get stats and figures for cannabis related deaths. But couldn't find a one in India ,Apparently  the numbers provided for cannabis overdose in history was zero globally. 

The fatalities in the Sept 11 attacks count up to 2,976 fatalities excluding the 19 hijackers.

So the stats say that more kids killed themselves in one year than what some fanatical terrorists killed in six years. So statistically speaking isn't education more lethal than terrorism. Students die more from the strain of education than smoking cannabis in our country.(ahem!) More have killed themselves, because thay couldn't handle the strain of education and social pressure than the number of people killed because of the swine flu epidemic in India. The statistics show that. Ajmal Kasab is going to be hanged and the teachers and exams killing these students are safely sitting and hopefully reading this. I not justifying the actions of the terrorists neither I am telling anyone to smoke a joint instead of going to study. I am just pointing out statistics.

In an company most of the presentations and meeting start with the stats. Statistics come in every countries decision making routines. Statistics play a pivotal role in our civilization's development and progress. And yet I have managed to use the same statistics to criminalize our Education policy, put a inhuman terrorist in humane light comparatively, factually and by the numbers prove a criminalized narcotic herb safe, and turned a global epidemic into an innocent bystander compared to the suicide inducing history textbooks and lethal multiple choice entrance exams. The Americans waged a war on terror, destroyed Afghanistan, yeah they waged war on a country for half the number of student suicide victims in India in a single year. If George Bush was president of India would he have a “War on Education system” started.

 Well if we remove the figures and numbers out of this  train of logic then we get a totally different perspective. Recently the world and humanity have been living with statistics, from buying a mobile phone to getting a divorce. Everyone's practicality and ethics are ruled by figures, charts and the statistics of profit and gain. We forget to see some real facts and unquantifiable numbers.

There maybe ethical and logical defects in this example of reasoning, but if you can find any statistical loop holes do tell me, do tell me.

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