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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missing you...........

There is a corner in my heart,
Where you still live,
A moment in my solitude,
Where I still miss you.
You still paint my dreams,
Whilst regret silently rains,
A lost throb in my soul, 
When I still want you.
In despair's stormy clouds,
I survive this lonely lie,
Of love I now deny,
While I still desire you.
Only your face I see,
In a thousand lonely tears,
Bleeding in my qualms, 
While I still want you.
Inking words only for you,
Humming voiceless songs, 
Mending every desolate breathe,
Enduring this tormenting curse,
Drowning in aching tears,
From that moment, when I lost you,
Probing in dreary madness,
For that moment, why I lost you.
Questioning my damned fate,
Of that moment, while I lost you.
From that wailing memory, 
To this moment, I miss You.
I miss you.


alister said...

No Words To say Bro !!
Awesomely sad !!

shweta said...

duuuuuude !!!! who is this ur missing..?

EVE said...

truly soulful....
will the regret ever go away..

videv said...

Thabk you ...

@eve what regret? ;).

Anonymous said...

This is the most stirring poem I read in recent times... very passionate..touching..

Priyanka said...

Well written, and touching poetry.

Nidhi said...

Deep and passionate!!

Eve said...

"You still paint my dreams,
Whilst regret silently rains,
A lost throb in my soul,
When I still want you."

Alwy said...

Thinking on whom should miss , just to feel it's depth. Nicely expressed .