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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missing you...........

There is a corner in my heart,
Where you still live,
A moment in my solitude,
Where I still miss you.
You still paint my dreams,
Whilst regret silently rains,
A lost throb in my soul, 
When I still want you.
In despair's stormy clouds,
I survive this lonely lie,
Of love I now deny,
While I still desire you.
Only your face I see,
In a thousand lonely tears,
Bleeding in my qualms, 
While I still want you.
Inking words only for you,
Humming voiceless songs, 
Mending every desolate breathe,
Enduring this tormenting curse,
Drowning in aching tears,
From that moment, when I lost you,
Probing in dreary madness,
For that moment, why I lost you.
Questioning my damned fate,
Of that moment, while I lost you.
From that wailing memory, 
To this moment, I miss You.
I miss you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A quickie, after stealing(or got inspired) a friend's status message...........

Settled in now,

Green grass color my eyes,

Sun lying low,

Bleeding gold through blue skies,

Wishing time would never crawl by here....

Here right where I belong,

Floating into hopes' door,

Humming every dream's song,

None left to cry for.

Time! wish it never crawls by here.

Forgetting love's frost,

Memories spooling out a smile,

In fantasy's lull I am lost,

Eluding away to this dreamy isle.

TIme! wish it never crawls by here.